Old Florida, St. Augustine

Lions Gate Bridge 1940's

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the "bo"

Our Handcrafted Classic frames (shown in Matte Black) are affixed with fine, polarized glass lenses. They are affectionatly named after the famed American guitarist, songwriter, music producer and family friend, Bo Diddley.

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Bo Diddley

"A guitarist so iconic there's a beat named after him. Bo Diddley, nicknamed “the Originator” for his role in the transition from blues to rock and roll, drove music into a new era with his rollicking rhythms and edgy guitar." 

- Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

He remains a heavily influential artist, inspiring legends including The Rolling Stones, The Clash, and The Beatles.

Bo diddley at his home in Archer, Florida



The EC | Matchett debut Collection draws from the Founder's rich tapestry of old Florida ancestry, passion for nature, the outdoors, preservation, and elements of old rock & roll.

Focusing on simple yet beautiful design, EC | Matchett looks to deliver fine, handcrafted designs comprised of high quality components. 

The EC | Matchett team currently operates out of the Atlanta area.